Wednesday, January 16, 2008

guilty pleasures

its a pop overload!!! i never EVER listen to new bands or new music...but recently i have been bombarded with some of the catchiest songs i've heard in a long time.

these bands are going to dominate 2008:






your next new favorite bands! funny how jason manages half of these bands haha...

also currently spinning:

the dandy warhols
once ost
the wallflowers
bob dylan
joy division
george harrison

what are you listening to??? any guilty pleasures???


Anonymous said...

I agree about Metro Station, We The Kings, The Cab, and Forever The Sickest Kids, but I've yet to hear The Consequence. I'm gonna be checking them out for sure, thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

so, george harrison is definitely the best beatle...solo career wise. it makes me happy that you're listening to him.
bob dylan too.

Chelsea Rae said...

There's a band called OK Tokyo, that I recently obsessed over. I also really like Metro Station station cd. I randomly downloaded it and added it to a playlist, and when I heard "Seventeen" I knew I was smitten.

Kelly said...

One of my guilty pleasures is deffinently 'The Cab', that's why I'm so excited for 'The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour' with Cobra.

kaitlyn said...

i looked up we are kings on itunes, and i think i just found my new favorite band. thanks!

Erica said...

for me, the rocket summer would definitely be on my list. but i LOVE love love we the kings and forever the sickest kids. xx

jac said...

yeah lov!
and plain white t's, relient k and new found glory! Forever the sickest kids and the dandy warhols is a very good band!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Forever the Sickest Kids :) I've been listening to a lot of Kevin drew recently.

rebeccaRAMPAGE said...

yay for Bob Dylan!

when i think guilty pleasure, you can never go wrong with The Backstreet Boys. =]

Anonymous said...

hannah montana's brother. ha. cute.

Anonymous said...

Trace Cyrus from The Metro Station is totally Miley Cyrus' older brother. ahahaha.

Forever the Sickest Kids are pretty freakin' sweet.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah THE CAB!

Anonymous said...

listening to new radiohead, jens lekman, babyshambles, and beirut. guilty pleasure goes to britney.. hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

a lot of CSS, Girl Talk and M.I.A.

rhiannon said...

i saw metro station and the cab last night with cobra.

currnetly, i've been listening to third eye blind (my favorite band since i was 8), envy on the coast and panic at the disco's new live music. i dont think i have a guilty pleasure. i love all of the stuff i listen to.

xo said...

trace cyrus is the coolest dude i've met. metro puts on a great show :)

Danielle Marie~* said...

i have been listening to the audition's new album non stop. them and we the kings are my two current favorites.

Emma Rose Evans said...

surprisingly i dont listen to any of those bands you listed.

and i am listening to someone, same band that keeps me breathing, but i wont mention names.

Anonymous said...

i can't stop listening to jpop.
arashi is practially taking over my zune.

Eliza... said...

I'm gonna check these bands for sure. and what am I listening? nothing new really.

i'm really into british bands and I looooooove Muse or Arctic Monkeys and Babyshambles and I really like bands like Mando Diao, The Hives, etc.

from america it's Cobra Starship xD

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Robyn, Bloc Party, Mystery Jets and Joy Division too. I've been obsessed with their albums again after seeing control

Anonymous said...

you listed my guilty pleasures, all of them.
especially the cab and we the kings, i saw them last night. and had a total fangirl moment when i met some of them. thats pretty strange for someone who listens to at the drive-in for the most part.

psycho vicky said...

robots in disguise. best british band at the moment. electrobitches. :)

Serina said...

Ehmm.. i got one big list with people i listen to, but i'll keep it short ;)

pink floyd
wax tailor ( que sera, our dance, hypnosis theme..enz)
sun black empire (dnb)
beastie boys
bob marley
chemical brothers
Zero 7 !!!! ( you should download)

and soo many more..
i love the 80's...

okay that's it. Cause otherwise im gonna talk this whole thing dead.

let me know what you though/think

sareurie said...

oh wow,
i completely love Forever The Sickest Kids, The Cab, Metro Station and The Wallflowers.
i'll be sure to check out the rest.

Anonymous said...

guilty pleasures lately:
blink 182
the smashing pumpkins
goo goo dolls
the maine
spare key
kiss kiss
and that's about it.
i highly suggest the last three.
hit them up on myspace

Gizem said...

i don't know anyone of them
but I ♥ panic at the disco
& hellogoodbye .
they are amazing :D

Anonymous said...

the consequence has been a favorite of mine for a couple months now. they have the best beats ever.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha miley cyrus's brother
i have to admit THAT SHOW is my guilty pleasure

i'm in loooove with emilie autumn atm
and mindless self indulgence too that jimmy is CRAZY
none of which are guilty pleasures =D

Anonymous said...

we the kings are really good.

metro station isn't that good tbh.

forever the sickest kids FTW! I love them so much.

getupngo said...

I'm in love with the Jonas Brothers. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure...but, I'm not ashamed ;)