Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here's a little fact I learned about myself in the past week: I have the Asian Glow. But what's weird is I only get the Asian Glow when I drink sitting down. Regardless, the Asian Glow = THE DEVIL.

Now, for all of you non-asians that probably have no idea what I'm talking about...the Asian Glow is this: when Asian people consume alcohol, for some odd reason their faces turn red. 50% of the Asian population has the Asian Glow. I didn't know what this was until I started going to UCLA.


Now, the question is...WHY DO I HAVE THE ASIAN GLOW?!?!?! I'M NOT ASIAN!!!!

Here is the answer that I have acquired after extensive research...

I went to the allergist the other week...and...surprise!!! I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. They pricked my back with probably forty different things and my back swelled up in every spot but one. What was odd is that the worst reaction was to brewer's yeast. Now, I am quite fond of the happy juice so I didn't understand how I could be so allergic to brewer's yeast.

Then this weekend happened. We partied Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...on Sunday morning, hungover as balls, we decide to go to wangs to watch the game. Two mimosas, two kamakazi shots, and one washington apple later, I literally thought I was going to die. I am a big drinker and can handle my alcohol...but the combination of the party binge, being hungover, and drinking sitting down for a few hours was NO BUENO.

The Asian Glow is actually an allergic reaction happening when your body has trouble metabolizing alcohol correctly, resulting in a variety of symptoms including your face getting read, an insanely increased heart-rate, and for some reason my face swells up and it looks like I'm going to cry. And, let me tell you, it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can ever imagine.

So I pretty much came to the conclusion that when I drink sitting down, the alcohol kind of just hangs out and doesn't circulate through my whole body, resulting in the wretched Asian Glow.


xoxo jac

ps listen to the wallflowers. :)

pps to the person who commented my last entry, yes i go to UCLA. and yes that was me. who are you? i could use friends at school! haha.


Emma Rose Evans said...

hah, i dont really drink that much because i dont really have friends to drink with, but that kinda sucks.

maybe somewhere down the line you do actually have asian in you somewhere. its possible.

have fun in the uk this summer :) i'll be in vegas and new york! WOO.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The allergists pricked me all up and down my arms, prolly at least forty times...and frankly, I was allergic to everything. Like, EVERYTHING. But in my day to day life, I've actually never had any noticable allergies...

Sometimes I guess they just give you the substances in higher concentrations than you ever get them in the normal world. =/

BTW - I'm Asian, and I should be allergic to alcohol...but I've never gotten the glow either.

Anonymous said...

dude, omg, i get that too!
and i'm not asian either!

it sucks, don't it?

Courtney !!!!! said...

i used to listen to the wallflowers all the time when i was younger. one headlight was my absolute favorite.

narcolepsy said...

mmm, the wallflowers. :]

i'm curious to know if i'm allergic to anything. i'll go see one.

Anonymous said...

I get this too, and I'm not asian.
At Least I think it's what I get

I'll get all hot faced and my stomach kinda burns, and it usually passes after like 20 minutes

newjerseytrooper26 said...

haha, it's weird because my cousins get emotion, like gay-like.

and they're grown ass men, hahah

annd, im asian.

Anonymous said...

dude i have dealt with the asian glow since i started drinking...standing or sitting

not fair