Friday, December 28, 2007

always remember...

Online petition - No Parole for John Lennon's MURDERER Mark David Chapman

(you'll be seeing a lot of this little sketch of mine I did of John in the near future...think about it...)

Happy New year! As for resolutions go..I'm not going to try to come up with some insane resolutions. I want to be happy, I want to experience as much as I can, I want to be as healthy as I can, I want to learn and grow, I want to push myself artistically, and most importantly, I want to help others in a way no one would imagine.

I just got a little personal collection of metaphysical stones, so I hope to start working with those soon to increase my creativity and imagination! The most intriguing of them is the blue lace agate, which is a calming stone that assists in grace and tranquility and promotes self-expression.

In other news, the girls and I are off to Vegas again in the morning. I know, I know what you're pondering. Jac, why are you having a love affair with the dirty, stripper filled, alcoholic Sin City? Well, my dear friends, the good ole saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" doesn't lie...and I can blame Vegas for the first, second, third, and probably fourth craziest times of my life. So, I've devised this genius equation (just call me Alberta Einstein)..

Vegas + New Years = ABSOLUTE INSANITY!!!!

So, in conclusion, this is why I'm going to Vegas...again. I'll be sure to actually document this trip with photos and videos since it's honestly been far too long since I've let you guys have a little peek in my personal life!

What is your new years resolution??

Be safe everyone...
xoxo jac

...Om Namah Shivaya...


danger_mouse said...

i hope you have loads of fun in vegas.. parting it up..artistically

my nw years resolution.. is to not not have a new years resolution..
take the year as it come, not set my self in concrete plans...
making mistakes and having fun..

safely of course..

you have a safe one too..


amillionways said...

hey jac, i hope you have a great time in vegas!

i don't really have a resolution for this new year. perhaps... just to live the life.


katy said...

heeey jac :)
yeah vegas sounds great :)
and about you helping people?
you still haven't messaged me back :P
have a great time
much love
katyy xx

Anonymous said...

How can you remember something you weren't alive to go through?

Tara Mason said...

yeah buddayyy! nice to see you on blogspot... miss you lover!

xo tara

(: said...

i dont know what to do with my new years resolution.
i really dont know.

ive never been to vegas and i only live like 3 hours away. AHAHA its quite sad, but i dont have a fake anyways. 8 more months till im 21.

woo. have fun!

Diana, distorted said...
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Diana, distorted said...


-get in shape/lose weight
-make more art
-get inspired
-MOVE ON from all my old problems
-and meet all the people I've been wanting to meet.

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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